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Volume 8 Issue 1


Examining Anthropomorphism of Chatbots and Its Effect on User Satisfaction and User Loyalty in the Service Industry
Lee Kim Lian, Song Bee Lian
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The Adoption of the Grab Pay Mobile Payment System by Foreign Students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Application of UTAUT Model
Radwan Mohamed Abdi, Ibiwani Alisa Hussain, Wong Huey Wern, Syazwani Yahaya, Raja Nazim Abdullah
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Influence of Ethical Environment, Ethical Leadership, and Organizational Trust on Employee Engagement of the Construction Company in Malaysia
Fahd Nasser, Syazwani Yahaya, Athirah binti Mohd Tan, Ibiwani Alisa Hussain, Noraini binti Ahmad
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The Factors Influencing Digital Technologies Adoption in Green Supply Chain Innovation: Evidence from the Social Enterprises in Malaysia
Song Bee Lian
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Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Among Employees in Aspiro Solutions Sdn.Bhd
Sasmithaa Elangovan, Subaashnii Suppramaniam, Morakinyo Dada
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Growth of E-Sports Among the Youngsters in Malaysia
Gan Shaw Herng, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
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